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Modular machine tools

Innovative machine concept

  • Machining of the stationary workpiece by rotating tools
  • High manufacturing quality with simultaneous operations
  • Customised equipment due to modular design

Tool carrying module

... is assembled from optionally configurable two, three, four or six universal tool slides.

The tool carrying module can be equipped with tool carrying modules tailored to the actual machining job to enable various operations by a single unit system in one setup.

The changeable tools can be replaced by means of quick-action systems requiring minimum time only.

Coolant is directly fed to the machining area through the tools themselves.

Last but not least the versatile equipment of the tool carrying module providing for multiple functionality.

Longitudinal external machining
  • Peeling
  • de-scaling
  • Continuous-path turning

Peeling, de-scaling
  • Facing, chamfering, deburring
  • Copy milling
  • Thread cutting according to API, GOST, VAM, DIN, ISO etc.
  • Special connections including gaskets
  • Cutting off

The clamping module

.... is basing on a vibration-damping machine bed and clamping systems traversing along the Z-axis.

According to the work geometry and machining specification adapted centring clamping systems can be applied. In addition to enveloping wedge-hook power chucks internal and prism-shaped clamping systems can be used as well.

The drive module

... consists of a patented hollow-shaft gearbox and attached CNC-controlled drive motor assemblies

The hollow-shaft gearbox drives the tool carrier module and tool slide. Further drive assemblies control the Z-axis and clamping module.

The hollow-shaft gearbox enables traversing maximum six tool slides both independently of each other and decoupled from the rotation of the tool carrying module.

Advantages you benefit from our machine concept

  • Wear minimisation by work clamping tools
  • Reduced vibrations of machine and workpiece
  • Small floor area required due to compact machine size
  • Complete machining of intricate rotationally-symmetric machining jobs in a single unit system
  • Up to six tool slides CNC-controlled independently from each other
  • Multi-step machining in a single setup
    • Minimisation of basic machining and non-productive times
    • Increased metal-removal rate
    • Reduced piece costs

Representative machining times

Constructional size MWZ 200 G / E / T
Workpiece ° 139,7 mm (° 5 1/2 inch)
wall thickness   t = 7,72 mm
Material quality (tensile yield strength) P110   760 - 965 N/mm▓
Cutting speed 256 m/min
Machining operations End machining
  • Chamfering
  • Facing
  • Deburring
Parting End machining including cone turning and thread cutting (Buttress Casing 5tpi according to API 5B)
Machining time 3 sec. 20 sec. 18 sec.
*Any desired combination of tube material and geometry.

Technical data

Sizes* of the modular machine tools MWZ
Constructional size MWZ 200 MWZ 400 MWZ 600
Work diameter mm ° 48,3 - 193,7 ° 177,8 - 406,4 ° 339,7 - 609,6
inch ° 1,9 - 7 5/8 ° 7 - 16 ° 13 3/8 - 24
Material quality (tensile yield strength) N/mm▓ 350 - 1.000
Cutting speed m/min 60 - 250
* The modular machine tools MWZ can be customised deviating from the proposed machine types MWZ 200 - 600.

Machine specification

  • Hydraulics
  • Lubricating unit
  • CNC-unit including switch cabinet

Control technology

  • digital control systems - SIEMENS / FANUC
  • modular digital converters - SIEMENS / FANUC
  • Swinging control panel including flat-screen operator interface


  • Coolant attachment
  • Chip conveyor
  • Work feeding and linking system


  • Tools
  • Gauges
  • Spare and wearing parts

Your applications

Demanding machining requirements

  • Machining of workpieces, whose mass centre ranges outside of the machining axis, and which demand high-level engineering.

Sleeve machining

Tube machining

  • Tube end finishing directly at the tube manufacturer
  • Tube recycling
  • Welding seam preparation
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