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Transport logistics

Our services include customised transport logistics.

Equipment concept by example of the tube-end machining including thread cutting:

  • The tubes to be machined are loaded by crane on the accumulating roller conveyor.
  • From there the tubes are fed to the prism roller track through feeders and movable accumulating roller conveyor.
  • Adjusted to machining level the programmed sequence of operations starts with the centring and clamping unit of the first end-cutting machine.
  • Then the tubes are transferred one by one to the thread-checking station via the prism roller conveyor and downstream accumulating roller conveyor.
  • The "Go"-tubes are finished in the second end cutting machine followed by another thread check.
  • "Not-go" tubes sorted out by the thread checks 1 and 2 are transported on the manipulating roller conveyor to the tube flush-with-edge stop and, in that way, can be easily detected.
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